Specifying the Density of a Part
A part contains one or more materials. It always contains the default material PTC_SYSTEM_MTRL_PROPS. You can also add materials from the library.
The density parameter for any material is PTC_MASS_DENSITY. When you edit the density of a material, the value of the parameter PTC_MASS_DENSITY is updated. To learn how to change the material density, go to About Working with Mass Property Parameters.
Usually, you change the material density when there is no material added from the library and you want to define the density of the default material.
For a single material part, you can use the legacy parameter MP_DENSITY. However, we recommend that you use the parameter PTC_MASS_DENSITY, instead of the legacy parameter MP_DENSITY.
The parts created in Creo Parametric 6.0 and earlier may contain relations that use the legacy parameter MP_DENSITY. You can still use these relations if the part has only one material.