Setting the Display Style for Ordinate Dimensions
You can set the display standard for ordinate dimensions by using Ordinate Style in the panel of Dimension ribbon tab. Consider the following points when setting the display standard.
If the model units are English, the default display standard of the dimension is ANSI. However, if the model units are Metric, the default display standard of the dimension is ISO.
If you change the units of the model after you create an ordinate dimension, the display standard of the existing ordinate dimensions does not change. However, subsequently created ordinate dimensions use the new display standard based on the current model units.
All dimensions, including the ordinate baseline Annotation Element, in a single ordinate dimension group use the same display standard. Changing the display standard of one dimension changes the display standard of all others in the group. An ordinate dimension group contains all the dimensions that reference the same ordinate baseline Annotation Element.
If you modify the display standard of an ordinate dimension by using the Dimension ribbon tab, after the dimension was created, then the next dimension that you create uses the last used display standard. However, Creo Parametric does not save the display settings when you save the model. The display settings are valid only for a single window in the current Creo Parametric session.