About Display of Driving Dimension Annotation Elements
Creo Parametric displays Driving Dimension Annotation Elements (DDAEs) whenever the driving dimensions are displayed. For example, when you edit a feature, create relations, or define family tables. Note that Creo Parametric displays DDAEs in the following cases too:
DDAEs are located on hidden layers.
DDAEs are manually hidden using View > Hide.
DDAEs are located in a clipped zone.
If you hide all annotations using , then Creo Parametric does not display DDAEs.
Creo Parametric displays inactive DDAEs in the Edit mode in the same state as before the conversion of the dimensions to DDAEs.
Naming Convention for Driving Dimension Annotation Elements
The format for the name of a DDAE is DRV_DIM_DX, where DX is the driving dimension identification number, for example, DRV_DIM_D4.
The format for independent copies and fully dependent copies of DDAEs is DRV_DIM_DY, where DY is the new identification number for the independent copy.
All DDAEs have a unique name. If you change the name of a DDAE such that Creo Parametric cannot use the default naming convention to create a unique name, then Creo Parametric increments the default name to make the Annotation Element name unique. For example, DRV_DIM_DX_#, where X is the identification of the dimension and # is an increment that Creo Parametric uses to make the name unique.