About Adding Material Parameters to a Family Table
You can assign materials to family table instances by adding a parameter to the family table. Use family tables to control the assigned material by adding the PTC_MASTER_MATERIAL parameter to a family table as an item. After the material parameter is added to the Family Table, you can select materials already in the model from the list that appears when you click in a cell in the PTC_MASTER_MATERIAL column in the Family Table dialog box.
You can also add the body parameter PTC_ASSIGNED_MATERIAL to drive the materials assigned to individual bodies in the family table.
In a family table, you should use the new parameters, such as PTC_MASTER_MATERIAL and PTC_ASSIGNED_MATERIAL. Alternatively, you can use the legacy parameters, such as PTC_MATERIAL_NAME. However, you must not use the new parameters and legacy parameters at the same time. For example, using PTC_MATERIAL_NAME and PTC_ASSIGNED_MATERIAL at the same time is not allowed.