There Are Failed Objects in the Model
This message indicates that there are problems with one or more objects such that they cannot be accurately evaluated. The following conditions cause evaluation problems:
A feature with a Geometry references are not valid message.
A datum derived from targets with one of the following messages:
A DRF with one of the following messages:
A geometric tolerance with one of the following messages:
A dimension with a Dimension reference feature is not valid message.
Along with the specific advisor message, failed objects are indicated with a double dagger symbol (‡) in the Feature Tree. You should always immediately attempt to fix failed objects by following the instructions specified on the specific advisor message help page.
In addition, all the objects that are dependent on a failed object are marked with a dagger symbol (†). These marked objects may or may not have advisor messages associated with them. However, since they are dependent on failed objects their advisor messages may not be accurate. You should always attempt to address the problems associated with the failed objects (marked with ‡) first.