Dimension Reference Feature Is Not Valid
The reference feature for this dimension has one of the following problems:
The feature that the dimension references is missing.
The feature that the dimension references no longer meets the validity requirements (e.g., it is a planar surface that is no longer normal to the offset dimension).
The dimension has been changed such that the CAD model requires regeneration (e.g., the tolerance mode for the dimension is set to 'Limits' and you have changed the values such that the mean value of the limit values no longer matches the nominal dimension). In this case, regenerating the CAD model is likely to fix the problem.
This problem causes the dimension to be considered a failed object, as indicated by a separate 'There are failed objects in the model' message. Generally, you can fix this problem by selecting a new reference feature through the following procedure:
1. Right-click on the feature with the failed dimension in the Feature Tree and select Edit... from the context menu.
2. Open the Dimension panel in the dashboard.
3. Select the dimensions and reference features as required.
4. Click the Accept button in the dashboard.
For more information, see Dimension Slide-out Panel in Model Based Definition > Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing Advisor > GD&T Advisor.