To Create a Scan Set
You can create a scan set from a point cloud and assemble it to a design model.
1. Click VERIFICATION > Scan Set to open the SCAN SET menu.
2. Click Create and type a part name for the scan set. The Scan Set Create dialog box opens.
3. Click the Point Set open folder icon to open a point cloud data set. The Open dialog box opens. The Type filter is set to display the following file types:
All files (*)
IGES—(.igs extension)
CAVlblfile—(.lbl extension)
CAVPtsfile—(.pts extension)
VDAfile—(.vda extension)
4. Select one of the point cloud data sets from these file types, for example, a .pts file. Click OK.
5. Under Units, select a unit of measurement for the scan set. In the option Other Unit, you can define and name your own unit.
6. Click Add to define an entity (one point defining the center of a sphere in a scan set) in the Gauge ball centers option.
7. Select a data point on the displayed scan set.
8. Click OK. The name of the entity is listed in the Gauge ball centers window. By clicking the name, you can highlight the entity on scan set.
9. You must define at least three entities to define the center of a sphere on the scan set.
10. If it is necessary to reposition the scan set relative to the model, click Position Scan Set > Position to open the Component Placement dialog box. Use the options on this dialog box to reposition the scan set.
11. Click OK.