To Create a Fit
You can create a new fit feature with the Create Fit command on the FIT SCAN menu and reference a previous fit to create your new one.
1. Click FIT SCAN > Create Fit. The SCAN SET FITTING dialog box opens.
2. Enter the name for the fit feature, for example, Fit3 and click the green arrow in the message area. The SEL SCAN menu opens with a list of scan sets that you can use for the current fit.
3. Click one of the menu commands, for example, PRT0001_. The dialog box updates with the new information.
4. Click OK. The following system messages appear, for example.
PRT0001_Scan Set is displayed based on Fit3.
Fit3 Fit feature has been created successfully.
5. Click one of the elements in the list, then click Define.
You do not have to select fit surfaces on the design model to which the scan set is being fitted.