To Create a New Report
1. ClickFile > New > Report.
2. Enter the name of the report and click OK to open the New Report dialog box.
3. Specify a sheet size with Size, or use the Retrieve Format to retrieve a format that you previously created.
4. Click an instance and click Open to display a drawing sheet in the active window, and the REPORT menu.
5. Click REPORT > Table.
6. Click Create.
7. Define a repeat region. Click Repeat Region from the TABLE menu, and then click Add from the TBL REGIONS menu.
8. Pick the cells that you want to include to repeat with model.
9. Enter title text in a row or column outside of the repeat region (unless you want that text to repeat with every occurrence of model data) by using Enter Text and typing the desired text.
10. The repeat region in the table must contain symbol parameter information to be displayed in the table. You can enter these using the keyboard by choosing Enter Text from the TABLE menu and Keyboard from the ENTER CELL menu; or you can click Report Sym from the ENTER CELL menu.
11. Add the process model to the report by clicking Views from the REPORT menu and entering the name of the process.
12. To add views of the assembly to the report, continue by adding a general view to the sheet. If you do not want views of the model in the report, click Quit from the VIEW TYPE menu and Done/Return from the VIEWS menu. The system still adds the model to the report, but it does not display it on the sheet. You can add the drawing views at any time.
13. If necessary, click Repaint to display the contents of the table.
14. You can add a drawing format to the report or change it by selecting Format from the SHEETS menu and Add/Replace from the DRAW FORMAT menu. You can predefine tables on these drawing formats and save them to be recalled at any time into a report or drawing.
You may also add the drawing table used in the report by including it in a drawing format that you can retrieve. When you add a drawing format containing a table to a report, drawing, or layout, the table becomes independent of the format. If you decide to replace the format, the table highlights, and you can delete it.