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About Specific Uses for Manufacturing Process Planning for MFG
Specifically, you can use Manufacturing Process Planning for MFG to complete the following tasks:
Create and manipulate manufacturing steps which may or may not generate NC sequences.
Group manufacturing steps into operations where you can define how the model changes with material removal, refixturing, or use of a different tool.
Leave a manufacturing step in a partially defined state so that the NC planner can complete the step; that is, define the NC tool path.
Examine the steps with the display of the manufacturing model accurately reflecting the material removal, similar to the Play Steps functionality available in Manufacturing Process Planning for ASSEMBLIES. You can easily pick a step to roll the model back to. Rolling back the model from step to step represents successive processing steps.
Access such features as workcell, tooling, and site parameters from the manufacturing step level.
Create process planning documentation reflecting the process planning steps and parameters.