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To Use Previous Parameters
The Copy from Step option in the Edit Parameters dialog box allows you to create initial parameter value settings for the current sequence by making a one-time copy of those parameter values from a previous NC sequence. This is especially convenient when you perform several NC sequences in a row with parameters just slightly varying. After retrieving the parameters, use Set to make any variations, if necessary.
When you choose Copy from Step, the Select Step dialog box listing all previous NC sequences whose parameters are compatible with the current one opens (if none of the previous NC sequences’ parameters are applicable, the system will issue a message). Select the NC sequence to use. It does not have to be of exactly the same type as the current one. The system will read in the applicable parameters and ignore those that are not valid for the current NC sequence type. However, the system will not check for the appropriate parameter values. For example, TYPE_3 is a valid SCAN_TYPE for Milling, but is invalid for Holemaking. If the value retrieved is not applicable for this NC sequence type, the system will issue a warning and automatically reset the parameter to its default value.