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To Use Previous Cut Motions
You can create new Automatic Cut motions by following previously created ones. When you click Use Prev on the WEDM OPT menu, the USE PRV OPT menu opens with the options:
By NC Seq—If you choose this option, a namelist menu of all applicable NC sequences will appear. Once you select an NC sequence name, all Automatic Cut motions present in this NC sequence will be listed in a checkmark menu. You can check off as many motions as you like, or use Select All.
By Cut—If you choose this option, all applicable Automatic Cut motions in all the previously created NC sequences will be listed. You can select one Automatic Cut motion.
When you redefine an Automatic Cut motion, the Ref Cut Mtn option on the CUT ALONG menu allows you to select a reference Automatic Cut motion using the same interface as the By Cut option above.