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To Use Customized Tools in Holemaking
If you want to use a tool model By Reference, you generally have to define all the parameters required by Creo NC for the appropriate tool type. In Holemaking, however, you may want to use customized tools that are not easily described by the tool section parameters of either of the Holemaking tool types. Creo NC allows you to use a simplified parameters’ set for a solid Holemaking tool.
In Holemaking, Creo NC needs the following information about your tool to generate the tool path and the proper CL data:
Cutter_Diam—The cutter diameter of the tool, used for Auto depth computations.
Tip_Offset—The distance from the tool control point (tip) to the shoulder (where Cutter_Diam starts).
Csink_Angle—For countersink tools, defines the resulting chamfer angle.
When you retrieve a Holemaking tool model, if the system finds the Tip_Offset parameter it will use this simplified parameters’ set for tool representation. Therefore, when defining a solid model for a Holemaking tool, you can specify just the parameters listed above, and the TIP coordinate system, and use this model By Reference for Holemaking NC sequences.