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To Use a Non-Active Site
If there is a site associated with the workcell or an activated site of the appropriate type, its parameters will be automatically retrieved. You can also initialize the NC sequence parameters by explicitly selecting a pre-defined site.
1. Click Activate on the SITE SETUP menu. You will have the following options:
Cur Workcell—Use the site(s) associated with the current workcel. Use this option to use the default sites for the workcell after activating some other site.
Current Dir—Retrieve site files from the current directory. Select a site type. Only the site types that are appropriate for the current workcell type will be listed.
In Session—Use site files that have been created or retrieved in the current session.
2. Appropriate sites will be listed in a namelist menu. Select a name of the site to use.
3. The .sit file will be read in, its default values initializing the NC sequence parameters. If some of the default values are missing, supply them using the Set option.