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To Specify the Cutting Data for the Tool
This procedure explains how to associate the cutting data with a tool, such as feed, speed, axial and radial depths, based on the stock material type and condition. You can then use the cutting data supplied for the tool to set up the manufacturing parameter values. Instead of typing the values, you can access an external tool database and import the cutting data for the tool. Follow the link under See Also for details.
To be able to specify the cutting data for a tool, you must first set up the Material directory structure.
1. Click the Cut Data tab in the Tool Setup dialog box.
2. Select a stock material from the Stock Material list. This list corresponds to the list of materials in the mfg_wp_material_list.xml file. The value displayed by default is that of the stock material specified in the Operation Setup dialog box.
3. You can specify separate data for Rough and Finish cutting. Select an Application: Roughing or Finishing.
4. Type the desired values in the text boxes for Speed, Feed, Axial Depth, and Radial Depth. The list to the right of each text box lets you change the units, as needed. You can also switch between the English and metric unit systems by selecting the appropriate option in the Properties group; this changes the options available in the units' lists.
5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for the second Application.
6. Repeat steps 2 through 5, if you want to use the tool to cut a different material.
7. Specify miscellaneous parameters such as Coolant Option, Coolant Pressure, and the Spindle Direction in the Misc Data group.
8. Save the tool. Creo NC stores the cutting data in the tool parameter file that is, the <name>.xml file, where <name> is the tool Name.