To Specify Synch Points Along Pivot Curve
1. Define the pivot curve.
2. Click Adjust Tool.
3. Check off the Preview option, if desired. If this option is checked off, the system will display the tool axis positions as you add synch points.
4. Click Set Axis. The SYNCH menu opens with the following options:
Add—Select pairs of synch points along the pivot curve and the cutlines.
Remove—Remove a pair of synch points.
Show—Show the pairs of synch points currently defined and the corresponding tool axis positions in cyan. You can either display them in turn by using the Next and Previous options, or use Show All.
Redefine—Modify a pair of synch points. Select a synch line (that is, tool axis position) to change, by selecting anywhere on the line. Then specify new locations for the synch points, similar to when adding a new pair.
5. Click Add. The system highlights the pivot curve.
6. Select a point on the pivot curve.
7. The system highlights a cutline and prompts you to select a point on that cutline. If the Preview option is on, the tool axis position appears as a red line after you select a point on the cutline.
8. Specify other pairs of synch points by repeating the two steps above. Choose Done Sel when finished.