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To Specify Surface Side
When you select solid part surfaces for machining, the system automatically knows which side to machine. However, if you select surfaces from a quilt, you can machine them on either side, and you have to specify which side of the surfaces you wish to machine. This situation is especially common when you are working with imported models, because their geometry consists of quilt surfaces. 
When you select surfaces from a quilt:
1. For a Surface milling or Pocketing NC sequence, select the surfaces and click Done/Return on the SELECT SRFS menu.
For all NC sequence types except Profiling, you can select only one continuous group of surfaces.
2. To view the current surface side for each surface, click Quilt Seeds. You can then see little arrows associated with each surface. If you select Group Seeds, only one arrow per group is displayed, associated with the Seed Surface for this group.
3. To change the Seed Surface for a group, select the group in the list, click the arrow under Seed Surface and select a different surface in this group. The Group Seeds arrow is now displayed for this surface.
4. To change the surface side, select the group in the list and click Flip. The surface side for each surface in this group is reversed.
5. Click Done to close the Surface Side dialog box.