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To Specify Parameters for a Tool Motion
By default, tool motion parameter values are inherited from the NC sequence parameters. You can change the parameter values for a tool motion by using the following procedure.
1. Click the appropriate button (Feed, Spindle,Coolant) in the Tool Motion dialog box.
2. Another dialog box pops up with input fields for all parameters in the selected group. For example, if you press Spindle for a Tool Motion in a Volume milling NC sequence, the Spindle Parameters dialog box appears where you can specify the following:
Spindle Speed
Spindle Control
Spindle Sense
Max Spindle RPM
Range Number
Spindle Range
Orient Angle
Jog Distance
Each of the input fields contains the current parameter value. Inherited values are shown in parentheses.
3. You can either enter the new value directly in the corresponding input field, or press the DOWN arrow to the right of the input field to select from a list of values.
For FEED_RATE, for example, you can either enter numeric values, or use one of the following keywords: APPROACH, EXIT, RETRACT, PLUNGE, CUT, FREE (only those that are applicable for the current NC sequence appears in the list in the dialog box).
4. When finished modifying the parameters, click OK in the dialog box used for editing. The new parameter values appears in the read-only fields in the Tool Motion dialog box.
When you change Feed or Machine parameters at the Tool Motion level, the appropriate statements (SPINDL, COOLNT, CUTCOM, or FEDRAT) are output in the CL data file before the GOTO commands of the Tool Motion.
If you insert a CUTCOM, SPINDL, or COOLNT statement using the CL Command functionality, the value specified using the CL Command overwrites the Tool Motion parameter value from the insertion location to the end of the Tool Motion.