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To Specify Corner Conditions
1. On the INT CUT menu, click Corners.
2. The CORNER COND menu opens with the following options:
Add—Select corners to add corner conditions.
Redefine—Respecify a corner condition.
Delete—Allows you to select a corner condition to delete.
Delete Last—Deletes the corner condition that has been added last. You can use this option more than once; when there are no more corner conditions left, the Delete Last option becomes inaccessible.
Delete All—Deletes all the corner conditions.
3. When you click Add, the CORNER ADD menu opens with the following options:
Specify—Select points on the cut motion and specify type by selecting the appropriate option. After each selection, the corner condition will be added at the selection point. Click Done Sel when finished.
Automatic—Corner conditions will be automatically added at all the corners. Corner conditions will be added according to the following rules:
All concave corners will be filleted.
All convex corners on an outside contour of a part will be filleted.
All convex corners on an inside contour of a part will be looped.
If the system is unable to determine the type of the contour, you will be prompted to specify if this is in inside or an outside contour using the following options:
Female Part—Inside contour.
Male Part—Outside contour.
After the corner conditions are automatically added, you can review and change them using the AUTO SELECT menu:
Next—Display the next assigned corner condition.
Prev—Display the previous corner condition.
Change Type—Specify a different corner condition type for the highlighted corner.
Remove—Delete corner condition at the highlighted corner.
Show All—Display all the currently added corner conditions. Straight corner conditions will be highlighted in yellow, convex—in red, and concave—in cyan.
Info—List information about the highlighted corner condition type in the Message Window.