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To Set Up Tools in Advance
1. You can set up tools in advance using either the Cutting Tools or the Tool Manager option.
Click Cutting Tools on the Manufacturing tab. The system displays the Tools Setup dialog box, with a list of all the tools defined for the active workcell. For work centers with multiple heads, tools are available for Head 1 by default.
Click Manufacturing > Machine Tool Setup > Tool Manager. The system displays a list of available workcells, For workcells with multiple heads, a TOOL TABLE list displaying the number of heads for the selected workcell opens. When you select the Head for which tool setup is required, the Tools Setup dialog box for that head opens.
You can also click the Tools tab and select Tools at the time of creating or modifying a workcell.
2. Add new tools or modify the existing ones using any combination of techniques. For more information on using the Tool Setup dialog box, see Related Links.
3. Choose File > Done to exit the Tools Setup dialog box.