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To Select Surfaces for a Profile Milling Step
1. On the References tab, click the Machining References collector and select surfaces to be milled.
Alternatively, right-click the graphics window and Machining References from the shortcut menu.
2. From the Type list on the References tab, choose between surfaces and steps. Set the smart selection filter in the graphics window to the appropriate option, or click on the status bar and use the Search Tool dialog box that opens to search for the required surfaces. Set Look for and Look by to the required types. Surfaces that match the search criteria are listed in the dialog box
When you select quilt surfaces, an arrow indicates which side of the quilt is going to be machined. Click on the References tab to machine the other side.
3. If you have specified the SCALLOP_HGT parameter, click the Scallop Surfaces collector on the References tab to select surfaces to be excluded from scallop computation.
4. To select surface sets, click Details below the Machining References or Scallop Surfaces collector. You can collect the following types:
Seed and boundary
All solid
Multiple sets of allowed surfaces
5. Click
To remove a selected surface or scallop surface in a collector, right-click the surface in the collector and click Remove.