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To Save Tool Parameters
1. Select the tool or set of tools to save by highlighting theTool Table entry or entries in the Tools Setup dialog box.
2. You can save a tool or a set of tools in one of the following ways:
File > Save tool—Saves the selected tool with its name and tool parameters. The parameters are saved in a tool parameter file <name>.xml.
File > Save as—Saves the selected tool along with its tool parameters. By default, the parameters are saved in an exchange file <workcell_name><head_x>. txf where <workcell_name> is the default workcell name and <head_x> is the selected Head. If you do not select a Head while defining the workcell, it does not appear in the file name. You can rename the file in the dialog box that opens during this operation.
File > Tool List—Save the list of tools to a file with the .xml extension. This file includes parameters displayed in the tool table.
All tools are stored in the directory defined by the pro_mf_tprm_dir configuration option. The tool parameters, miscellaneous parameters, and user-defined parameters are stored in the <name>.xml or <name>.txf file.
You cannot save a tool exchange file while editing an NC step.