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To Retrieve Tool Parameters
1. Click File > Open Parameter File in the Tool Setup dialog box. The Open dialog box opens.
By default, all files with the .xml, .txf, and the .tpm extensions in your current working directory are listed. If you have set the value for pro_mf_tprm_directory or pro_library_dir configuration options, the files in the directory specified by any of these configuration options are also listed.
If you have pre-Release 12.0 tool files with the extension .tprm, you can display them by clicking the arrow next to the Type field in the Open dialog box and selecting *.tprm. When you retrieve a tool parameters’ file with a .tpm or .tprm extension, its type must correspond to the Type value in the Tool Setup dialog box. Otherwise, Creo NC displays and appropriate message and the tool is not retrieved.
2. Select one or more file names and click Open.
Creo NC searches the Tool Table for the Name of the tool that is retrieved:
If a name is not found, Creo NC appends the tool at the end of the Tool Table. Number (pocket number) is incremented by 1 with respect to the last one currently in the Tool Table. The Offset box is left blank.
If a name is found, Creo NC finds a tool in the current Tool Table that has the same name and the same parameters as the one being retrieved; Creo NC highlights the appropriate Tool Table entry and displays the parameter values and section sketch of the tool.
Creo NC looks for the mfg_wp_material_list.xml file. If found, Creo NC retrieves the list of materials and lists them in the Stock Material box in the Cut Data tabbed page of the Tool Setup dialog box.