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To Reorder Output of NC Sequence Tool Paths
The Output Order command allows you to specify the order of tool path output for the NC sequences within the operation. This affects the order of CL data output only. It does not reorder the NC sequences in the feature list; use the Reorder functionality to change the order in which the NC sequences are regenerated.
1. Click Manufacturing > Edit > Output Order. The OPER ORDER menu opens.
2. Click Define. The following options are available:
By Rule—NC sequences included in the operation will be sorted automatically:
By FeatList—Output NC sequences in the same order as they appear in the feature list.
By Tool—Minimize the tool changes. All tools used within the operation will be listed in the ORDER TOOL menu. You will be prompted to select the tools in desired order. The system will output the tool paths for all NC sequences using the first selected tool, then move to the next tool. NC sequences using the same tool will be output in the order they appear in the feature list.
By Pick—Explicitly specify the order of output by selecting NC sequence names from the ORDER PICK menu.
The Info command on the OPER ORDER menu displays the current order of the NC sequence output. The following information is provided for each NC sequence:
Order of CL data output
Sequence type
Sequence number in the model
Tool ID
Feature number
Feature ID