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To Reorder an NC Sequence
The order in which NC sequences are regenerated can be changed through NC sequence reorder. Click Manufacturing > Operate > Feature Operations and follow the regular procedure for reordering features.
If you want to just change the order of outputting CL data for the NC sequences within an operation, it is not necessary to reorder the NC sequences themselves. The Output Order functionality provides multiple ways of reordering the tool path output: by pick, as well as sorting by tool.
Reordering an NC sequence means moving the whole set of features associated with the NC sequence (tool motions) to the new location in the workpiece feature sequence.
If you reorder an NC sequence for which a material removal feature has been created, the material removal feature will not be reordered automatically. The material removal feature must also be reordered if it is to immediately follow the NC sequence.
All features associated with an NC sequence form an internal NC group. The NC sequence feature is ordered first and the Tool Path feature, containing all Tool Motions,is ordered last.
Cut motions can be reordered within the NC sequence (to select a cut motion, use Sel By Menu and feature number), but no Cut Motion or Tool Path feature can be reordered to a place outside its NC group.
Similarly, no other feature can be reordered to fall inside an NC group. If you try to enter a location within an NC group, an error message: "Can not insert into this group of features", will appear and you will be prompted to enter another location.
Mill volumes and surfaces can also be reordered using the Reorder command on the MFG UTILS menu. The whole set of features included in the volume/surface will be moved to the specified position in the workpiece feature sequence.
To select a volume/surface for reordering, you can either select its first feature (base volume or quilt), or use Sel By Menu and select the volume/surface name.