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To Rename Manufacturing Geometry Features
For manufacturing geometry types that only have a single feature, the manufacturing geometry name is the same as the feature name. If a manufacturing geometry has multiple features, perform the following procedure to rename the features. Instructions for use outside and inside manufacturing geometry definition mode follow.
Outside Manufacturing Geometry Definition Mode
1. On the Model Tree, select one of the member features of the manufacturing geometry to rename.
2. Right-click and select Rename Mill Volume or Rename Mill Surface, depending on the manufacturing geometry type.
3. Enter a new name. The selected manufacturing geometry feature is renamed.
Inside Manufacturing Geometry Definition Mode
Use the following steps if you are redefining a feature.
1. If you are redefining Mill Surface or Mill Volume, click on the Mill Surface or Mill Volume tab. The Properties dialog box opens.
2. Enter a new name and click OK. The selected manufacturing geometry feature is renamed.
The Properties icon is available when you are working on the manufacturing geometry or not using any tool to add surfaces, or when no items are selected in the manufacturing geometry definition mode.
3. If you are redefining a Mill Window, click Properties on the Window tab and enter a name in the Name box.