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To Regenerate the Manufacturing Model
You have to regenerate the manufacturing model when either part dimensions or manufacturing parameters that affect workpiece geometry (such as STOCK_ALLOW) have been modified. If you modify other parameters (such as STEP_OVER), the CL data is automatically recalculated and there is no need to regenerate.
To regenerate the manufacturing model:
1. Click Manufacturing > Regenerate.
2. Select parts to regenerate or use the Automatic command. If you select no parts, only placement constraints between the design model and workpiece will regenerate.
When the workpiece is selected for regeneration, the REGEN TYPE menu opens with the following commands:
Normal—Regenerates a part normally.
Slow—Regenerates a part, displaying the part and tool path after regenerating each manufacturing feature.
Step—Regenerates a part, waiting for user input after regenerating and displaying each manufacturing feature.
Supp Fail—Makes the system automatically suppress all features failed upon regeneration, along with their children.
Compute CL—Allows you to specify if you want the CL data to be recalculated at regeneration time. If a checkmark next to the Compute CL option is on, the system will recalculate CL data every time it regenerates an NC sequence. To reduce the regeneration time, you may turn it off. If Compute CL is off, only workpiece geometry will be regenerated.