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To Redefine the Connect Motions
The Redefine button in the Customize dialog box allows you to respecify any of the traversal path segments created so far. When you click Redefine, a namelist menu of the Tool Motion segments appears. Select a segment you want to redo. The selected segment and all the subsequent Tool Motion segments temporarily disappear.
If it is a sketched segment, you can re-specify your sketching plane, then sketch the tool path (note that the old sketch is deleted automatically).
If it is a Connect segment, select a hole axis to go to.
Once you are finished, the rest of the tool path is regenerated. The subsequent Connect segments may change depending on modifications to the current segment. If you redefine a segment immediately preceding a sketched one, it is your responsibility to place the end of the segment being redefined at the beginning of the next sketched segment, or to redefine the sketched segment as well.
The following illustration shows modifying the traversal path.
1. Select this axis.
2. Redefine DRL CONN #3.