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To Offset a Mill Volume
1. Select the quilt that you want to offset on the Model Tree and do one of the following:
Click Mill Volume > Offset to offset the selected quilt.
Click Mill Volume > Offset Vertical Walls to offset only the vertical walls of the selected quilt.
The Offset tab opens.
2. You can specify the following offset options:
References — Select the surfaces or quilts that you want to offset. However, if you want to offset only the vertical walls, the References tab displays all the vertical walls of the mill volume. You cannot edit these vertical walls.
Options—Set a surface fit, create approximate offsets or exclude surfaces or quilts from the feature, and define side surfaces
Value—The offset distance is user-defined. Enter the offset value.
Tool Radius—The offset distance is equal to the tool radius.
To offset by tool radius, you must create the volume at the time of creating the NC sequence, after the tool is specified.