To Modify a CL Command
You can modify either the contents or the placement of a previously added user-defined CL command by following the procedure below.
1. Click Manufacturing > Edit > CL Command. The CL COMMAND menu appears.
2. Click Modify.
3. Locations of the previously added user-defined CL commands are highlighted in cyan and all the commands are listed in a namelist menu. You can select a command by either selecting on the screen or from the menu. Once a command is selected, it is simultaneously highlighted on the screen and in the menu. Click Done Sel if that is the command you want. The MODIFY CMD menu opens with the options:
Placement—Relocate the command using the LOCATE CMD options.
Command—Add more lines or edit the command text using the CREATE CMD options.
4. Select either one or both options and click Done. If both options are selected, the system will start the appropriate user interface in turn.