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To Mirror Cut Motions
In Wire EDM, you can create Automatic Cut motions by mirroring previously created cut motions. The mechanism for selecting a cut motion to mirror is the same as when you create cut motions using the Use Prev option.
You cannot mirror a cut motion that was created using the Mirror option.
1. On the NC SEQUENCE menu, click Customize.
2. Select Automatic Cut from the drop-down list in the Customize dialog box, and click Insert.
3. On the WEDM OPT menu, click Mirror. Notice that Use Prev highlights automatically and all the other options become dimmed. Click Done.
4. Using either By Cut or By NC Seq, select the cut motion to mirror from a namelist menu. The selected cut motion highlights on the screen.
5. Select or create a plane to mirror about.
6. The mirror cut motion is created.