To Find a CL Command
A command location is not marked by a control point, and is normally invisible. A quick way to display all the CL command locations along the tool path is to click Delete. This will highlight all the points where CL commands are added. To find a particular CL command, use the Find option on the CL COMMAND menu. You can also use this option to search through the whole CL file for a particular command (for example, to check values, or to determine where to insert a user-defined command).
1. Click Manufacturing > Edit > CL Command. The CL COMMAND menu appears.
2. Click Find. The FIND COMMAND menu opens with the following options:
Enter String—Enter a string to search for. The system will search through all the commands in the Info Box (both system-generated and user-defined). You can view the results using the Next, Previous, and Show All options on the SHOW DATA menu.
UserDefCmd—Find a previously inserted user-defined CL command. A namelist menu with all the inserted commands appears. Put checkmarks next to the command(s) you want to find, or click Select All to display all the command locations.
If a block of commands has been added, only the first command will appear in the search list, followed by the number of lines in the block. For example, if you choose "FEDRAT/1.000000, IPR (2 lines)" from the namelist menu, locations of all two-line blocks starting with the "FEDRAT/1.000000, IPR" command will be shown, even if the other commands in the block are different.