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To Edit Hole Parameters
You can edit the values of hole parameters, such as drilling depth, upper and lower tolerances, or thread parameters. These values override the design part information when you are creating the Auto Drilling sequences.
1. Click View > Edit Hole Dimensions or View > Edit Thread Dimensions. While in Edit mode, you can toggle between editing the hole and the thread parameters by selecting either Edit Hole Parameters or Edit Cosmetic Thread Parameters in the right pane of the Auto-Drilling dialog box.
The system displays the text boxes for the appropriate parameters in the right pane.
2. Select a hole in the Auto-Drilling table by clicking in the appropriate row.
3. To change the start surface, click the Select icon below the Start Surface label and select the desired surface on the screen.
The surface name appears in the text box below the Start Surface label.
4. To edit other parameters, type the new values in the appropriate text boxes.
5. Click Apply to apply the new values to the selected hole.
The system updates the fields in the Auto-Drilling table to reflect the new parameter values.
6. To revert to the design part parameters, select the hole in the Auto-Drilling table and click Reset. To reset only one parameter, select From Reference Model in the appropriate text box and click Apply.