Manufacturing > Manufacturing > Mirror NC Sequences > To Edit a Mirror Sequence
To Edit a Mirror Sequence
1. Select the required Mirror sequence on the Model Tree, right-click, and select The SEQ SETUP menu appears with the following options:
Name—Enter a name for the NC sequence in the window that appears
Comments—Enter comments if any in the NC Sequence Comments dialog box that opens.
Ref Sequence—Select the NC sequence that you want to mirror.
Mirror Plane—Select the datum plane with respect to which you want to mirror the NC sequence.
Mirror Option—Specify whether you want to keep or mirror the cutting conditions of the parent NC sequence.
Creo NC selects the required options automatically. Select additional options, if desired, and click Done. Creo NC starts the user interface for each of the selected options sequentially.
2. Click Play Path on the NC SEQUENCE menu to verify the tool path automatically generated by Creo NC.
3. Click Done Seq or Next Seq after you complete the sequence definition.