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To Define the Axis Orientation Using Points Along Cutlines
1. When choosing the references that you need to define for the NC sequence, choose Axis Def from the SEQ SETUP menu.
2. Choose Pnts on Srf from the AXIS OPT menu.
3. Choose Add from the AXIS DEF menu.
4. Choose Along Cutline and Done/Return from the AXIS DEF OPT menu.
5. The system highlights all the existing cutlines. Select a point along a cutline.
6. The ENTER VAL menu appears to let you specify this position as a parameter along the entire length of the cutline (that is, 0.00 is the start point of the cutline and 1.00 is the end of the entire cutline). The system also presents the parameter value corresponding to the selected point and displays it as an option in the ENTER VAL menu. You can either select this option, or choose Enter and type in another parameter value along the cutline.
7. After you specify the location along the cutline, choose a command from the AXIS DEF TYPE menu to indicate the tool's orientation at the specified point.
8. Choose Add from the AXIS DEF menu and repeat Steps 4 through 7 for every point at which you want to define the tool axis orientation, then choose Done Sel.
You can specify Drive Surfaces and apply them to axis definitions along cutlines, as you do for axis definitions along edges.
Because two different algorithms exist for interpolating axis definitions using Points on Surface, you must choose either Along Cutline or a combination of Edge and Location. If you want to change from one algorithm to the other, you must first remove all axis definitions of the current type.