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To Define a Manufacturing UDF
1. Click Tools > UDF Library. The UDF menu appears.
2. Click Create and select an option from the UDF OPTIONS menu that appears:
Stand Alone—The UDF will be functional by itself.
Subordinate—The UDF will be driven by the current model.
3. Define the UDF elements as you would when creating a group of part features. Select manufacturing features (NC sequences and material removal features) to be grouped.
4. If there is a features’ group referenced by selected NC sequences, the MFG UDF REF menu will open:
Design UDF—Use a reference group of features for resolving references. If only one design UDF is referenced, it will be selected automatically, otherwise select a group to use.
Ref Part—Use the reference part for resolving references. For assembly machining, you will have to select a part.
None—No reference information will be stored.
If no design UDF is referenced, the MFG UDF REF menu will not appear. In regular manufacturing, the reference part information will be automatically stored. In assembly machining, you will have to select a reference part to use. If you do not want to select a reference part, click Done Sel without selecting a part.
5. When the group is successfully defined, the information is automatically stored.
If you have specified a reference design UDF, you will not be prompted for the corresponding placement references; they will be resolved automatically. You can place a design UDF only in the reference model from which the design UDF was created.