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To Customize the Table
You can customize the look of the table by selecting the parameters you want to display and changing the names and width of the columns.
1. Click View > Customize Columns.
The Auto-Drilling dialog box displays a list of available parameters, with a check box located to the left of each parameter label. Using the text box located to the right of the parameter label you can switch between two names for this parameter, one long and one short. This name will be used as a heading in the Auto-Drilling table. If you select short names, you can later manually change the width of the appropriate columns to make the table more compact.
Immediately below the list of parameters there are two icons: Select All and Unselect All. Immediately below these icons there are three buttons: OK, Cancel, and Defaults.
Parameters that are currently displayed in the Auto-Drilling table have their check boxes selected.
2. Select or clear the check boxes as desired, to specify which parameters are to be displayed in the Auto-Drilling table. You can use the Select All and Unselect All icons to speed up the selection process.
3. To change the name of a column, switch the parameter name by clicking the drop-down arrow next to the text box.
4. When finished, click one of the three buttons:
OK—Accept the current selections and return to the Auto-Drilling table. The table display will be updated to reflect the new parameter selections and column widths.
Cancel—Ignore the current selections and return to the Auto-Drilling table.
Defaults—Use the default set of parameters and the default column widths.