To Create an Automatic (Default) Cut Motion
This is a default Automatic Cut motion for Volume milling. It includes all the slices automatically generated by the system. The number and depths of the slices are defined by the manufacturing parameters. When you choose Automatic on the VOL/PROF CUT menu, the following options are available:
Parameters—Modify manufacturing parameters for the current cut motion.
Build Cut—Add or remove slices and specify approach and exit motions for each slice in the cut motion. Also allows you to perform region-by-region milling.
Play Cut—Show the cut motion as it is currently defined.
Info—Brings up the INFO ITEMS menu which provides the following information:
Cut Motion—Displays the feature ID of the current cut motion and the cut motion parameters in the INFO window.
NC Sequence—Displays feature info for the current NC sequence (feature ID, NC sequence type, reference coordinate systems, parameters) in the INFO window.
Tool—Displays the tool ID, type, and parameters in the Information Window; a subwindow also appears, displaying the tool.
When satisfied with the cut motion, choose Done.