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To Create a Plunge Motion
1. Choose Plunge from the drop-down list in the Customize dialog box, and click Insert. The Plunge dialog box opens.
2. In the Tip# box, select the tool tip that you want to use to reach the plunge cutter position.
3. Edit the Tool Motion parameters, if desired, using the Feed, Spindle, and Coolant buttons in the top portion of the box.
The Specify Offset button allows you to specify a target point offset from the start point of the Tool Motion that you plunge to.
4. If you want to define a 4- or 5-Axis NC sequence, you can specify the tool axis orientation using the Specify Axis button.
5. Edit the Clear Distance value in the corresponding text box, if needed.
6. The Preview button allows you to preview the tool motion defined. Click OK if satisfied, Cancel—to quit creating the tool motion.