Manufacturing > Manufacturing > Manufacturing Parameters > Sites > To Create a New Site File
To Create a New Site File
1. Click Manufacturing > Machine Tool Setup > Site. The SITE SETUP menu appears.
2. Click Create. The Message Input Window opens.
3. Enter a site name and close the window. The SITE TYPE menu appears.
4. Select a SITE TYPE.
5. The Site Tree window comes up with all the manufacturing parameters required for this type of NC sequence (for a generic site, all the parameters will be present). Supply values for the parameters. Each parameter must have either a default value, or low and high range, or both, specified. If omitting the default value, enter a dash (-). If both are specified, the default value must be within the range boundaries. You can also specify visibility and add optional comments for any parameters.
When specifying a parameter value, you can enter relations, similar to modifying the parameters of an NC sequence. However, when an NC sequence inherits the site parameters, it will inherit the evaluated value of this relation, not the relation itself.
6. Click File > Save and enter a file name for the site file.