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To Create a Local Milling NC Sequence Using Corner Edges
1. Ensure that the active operation references a Mill or Mill/Turn workcell.
2. Click Mill > Milling > Local Milling > Corners. The SEQ SETUP menu appears.
3. The following local milling specific commands are available on the SEQ SETUP menu in addition to the common commands for all NC sequence types:
Surfaces—Select surfaces to be milled during this NC sequence.
Corner Edges—Specify corners to clean up.
Build Cut—Access the Build Cut functionality.
The required options are checked off automatically. Select additional options, if desired, and click Done. The system will start the user interface for all selected options in turn.
4. Make sure the CORNER_OFFSET parameter is set to an appropriate value.
5. Selecting Corner Edges from the SEQ SETUP menu will bring up the CRNR REGIONS menu:
Suggest—Show possible corners based on the surface selection in the previous step. This option is for information purposes only: the corners to be milled have to be explicitly defined using the Define option below.
Define—Define corners by either selecting surfaces that form a corner using the Surfaces option, or selecting the corner edges themselves using the Edges option.
Redo—Reselect edges to define a corner.
Remove—Remove corner definitions:
Remove Single—Allows you to step through the specified corners using the Next and Previous options. Unselect a corner using the Accept option.
Remove All—Unselects all corners defined so far.
Show—Show all the currently defined corner edges.
6. After defining the corners, click Play Path to verify the tool path automatically generated by the system. If not satisfied, you can either modify the parameters, or use the Customize functionality to adjust the tool path.
7. Click Done Seq or Next Seq when satisfied.