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To Create a Control Point
A control point is an internal datum point on the tool path that you can reference as a target point for tool motions. Control points can be created "on the fly" as necessary when creating tool motions.
Whenever you need to reference a control point (to define a Follow Sketch motion, specify the portion of an Automatic Cut motion to follow), the CTRL PNT menu will open with following commands:
Select—Select an existing control point.
Create—Create a control point by selecting a point on an Automatic Cut motion. A datum point is created at the select point; you will also see a tiny axis that is tangent to the Automatic Cut motion at the control point. The point and axis will be displayed only while in the Customize mode.
Once a control point is created, you will be able to select it for reference in other steps.
There are no dimensions connected to a control point, its location is determined by the select point.