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To Create a Connect Tool Motion
With this tool motion you can create a move between adjacent tool motions.
1. On the Trajectory, Face, or Profile tab, or the tab of any turning or holemaking step, select Connect in the Tool Motions list. The Connect dialog box opens. The dialog box contains the following options:
2. Simultaneous—Depending on whether you select or clear the X Axis, Y Axis, or Z Axis check box, the motion is simultaneous along all the axes, or broken into components along the selected axes.
3. Z First—The tool moves along the Z-axis first and then moves using all remaining available axes.
4. Z Last—The tool moves along the X-axis, or in the XY plane. It then moves along the Z-axis to arrive at selected point.
5. Click Parameters to edit the tool motion parameters using the Edit Parameters dialog box.
6. Click OK to create the approach motion, or click Cancel to cancel.