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To Create a 2-Axis Wire EDM NC Sequence
Use 2-Axis Wire EDM NC sequences for any type of 2-axis contouring, including Wire EDM, flame cut, water jet, and laser.
1. Ensure that the active operation references a Wire EDM workcell.
2. Click Wire EDM > Contour. The SEQ SETUP menu appears with Wire EDM options selected.
3. If you have specified the tool, site, and coordinate systems at setup time, proceed directly to Step 4.
Select the desired options and click Done. The system will start the user interface for all selected options in turn.
4. Click Customize and interactively specify the tool path.
General techniques for creating Automatic Cut motions in Wire EDM are similar to that in Trajectory Milling. You can automatically create Rough, Finish, and Detach motions referencing the same contour. You can also create No Core cut motions. Connect the cut motions using the Tool Motion functionality.
5. On the NC SEQUENCE menu, click Play Path to verify the tool path generated by the system.
6. Click Done Seq or Next Seq when satisfied.