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To Close a Mill Volume
The system will close the volume automatically, by extruding the boundaries of the selected surface quilt vertically up to the retract plane (or, if defining the volume at setup time, the plane selected for upward direction). If you want to specify a different way to close the volume, select Close. The following options are available:
Define—Create a closure definition to replace the one supplied by the system.
Delete—Remove the current closure definition (revert to the system-supplied one).
Redefine—Respecify the closure definition references when a user definition already exists.
Show—Display the current closure definition.
When you choose Define or Redefine, the following options are available:
Cap Plane—Select a planar surface or datum plane to be used for closing the volume.
All Loops—All boundary loops in the current quilt will be extended to the cap plane.
Sel Loops—Select loops to be extended to the cap plane. You have to select only one edge in each loop.