To Change Axis Definitions
The following options in the AXIS DEF menu allow you to manipulate existing Points on Surface axis definitions:
Remove—Delete an existing axis definition.
Redefine—Redefine an existing axis definition.
Show—Display all previously defined axis definitions.
If you choose Remove, Redefine, or Show from the AXIS DEF menu, you will get a namelist menu of all the existing axis definitions (for example, AXIS DEF BY EDGE #1, DRIVE SURFACES #1, and so on). As you place the cursor over a name in the menu, the complete name appears at the bottom of the message window (this is useful if the name is too long to fit inside the menu), and the system highlights the corresponding geometry on the screen. Axis definitions appear as magenta arrows. Cutlines and chains of edges appear in magenta. Drive surfaces appear in cyan, with the corresponding edges or cutlines that reference them highlighted in magenta.
If you choose Redefine and select an axis definition along the cutline, the AXIS DEF REFS menu appears with the following options:
Location—Select another point along the cutline and enter the new parameter value.
Orientation—Change the tool axis orientation by using the AXIS DEF TYPE menu options.
If you choose Redefine and select a Drive Surface definition, the DRV SRF REFS menu appears with the following options:
Surfaces—Reselect the drive surfaces.
Axis Def Set—Modify the list of axis definitions that reference these drive surfaces. A checkmark menu appears with all the applicable axis definitions; select additional definitions by checking them off, or unselect some of the ones currently selected. Choose Done Sel when you are finished.