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To Change a Feed Color
The procedure below shows you how to use a different color to display a certain feed range. You can not mix your own colors for this purpose; the system will let you choose from a built-in set of predefined colors. You can set the same color to more than one range, if desired.
1. Click Manufacturing > Machine Tool Setup > Feed Colors. The COLOR/RANGE menu opens; for each feed range, the current color definition is shown in a small window inside the menu button.
2. Select which feed range color you want to modify.
3. You will have eight preset color definitions to choose from:
Color 1—Red
Color 2—Yellow
Color 3—White
Color 4—Blue
Color 5—Green
Color 6—Cyan
Color 7—Magenta
Color 8—Orange
4. Choose a color definition. It will be used to display tool motions in the appropriate range of feeds.