Sloped Mill Surfaces
With Sloped Mill Surfaces you can easily adjust machining strategy for finish milling based on the orientation of the surface.
When you need to machine a cavity, you may want to use Surface milling on the bottom of the cavity and other near-horizontal surfaces, and profile surfaces that are near-vertical, such as cavity walls.
To automate surface selection for each of these machining strategies, use a Sloped Mill Surface. Indicate all the surfaces that you want to consider for machining (for example, all the surfaces inside a cavity, or even all the surfaces of the part), and specify a direction vector and the desired slope angle. The system filters selected surfaces based on the angular orientation of the surface normal with respect to the direction vector. You can then specify whether you want to keep the "shallow" portion of the surfaces (for Surface milling), or the "steep" portion (for Profiling).
You can use similar technique when machining the outside of a part.