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Register Tables
You can specify generator, cutcom, technology, offset, and flush registers, as well as taper and feed values, for Wire EDM NC sequences by using a register table. This allows you to set different register, taper, and feed values for each cut motion type (Approach, No Core, Rough, up to 16 Finish motions, and Detach). Register tables can be created either at setup time, or at the time of defining the NC sequence.
Cutcom and Taper registers are not supported for No Core motions.
If a register table is specified for an NC sequence (either by setting the REGISTER_TABLE parameter or using the Select command on the CR/SEL RGR menu), then register values for each cut motion specified in the register table will be output to the CL data file. These values take precedence over the register values and feeds specified in the NC sequence parameters file.