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Machine Simulation with External Files
You can display machine simulation for external CL files using Auxiliary NC sequences. The GOTO statements in the external file, which are based on the coordinate system are used in machine simulation. Processing is not done for CYCLE and CIRCLE statements and is ignored during machine simulation. The process involves defining a user defined parameter to specify the external file and specifying the machine assembly. Perform the following tasks to display machine simulation for external files:
Set the value of the configuration option mach_simul_external_file to YES.
Create an Auxiliary NC sequence and define a tool with the required values. This tool is used during machine simulation.
Add a user defined feature level parameter PRO_NC_SIMULATION_FILE on the Auxiliary NC sequence. The parameter must be of type String and the value must be the name of the external file with the extension.
Right-click the Auxiliary sequence in the model tree and click Machine Play to run the machine simulation with the external file.